CDR – Crash Data Recovery
Standardized system for data storage
from a traffic accident

Speed, data about the collision and the state of vehicle’s other security modules. All of the mentioned is included in the memory of the airbag module’s control unit (ACM), a module that processes and stores data is called an EDR. These data can be attained after a crash and based on them a precise reconstruction of a traffic accident can be performed. This strengthens the rights of the aggrieved party and the possibilities of analyzing the traffic accident to improve security systems followed by the minimization of damages to the health and property of those involved in a traffic accident.

The main implementer is the BOSCH Company, leading manufacturer of security systems for the automotive industry. The BOSCH Company, as part of the co-operation with other security system manufacturers for the automotive industry, implemented the standards of Act 49 CFR 563 USA, one of the first. This crash data storage system is already the norm in the USA and Canada. In Europe, the system is unofficially supported by individual car producers. It is only a question of time when it becomes EU legislation. Information about the EU legislative process will be updated regularly on this website.