CDR Services


We will be certain to provide the correct data

Our company provides comprehensive services for obtaining CDR data, the training of CDS experts, and their support. Retrieving data from a crashed vehicle is only part of the whole range of provided services.

For the CDR project we established a connection with the best service company, BOSCH car service, for the Czech Republic and Slovakia – JÍŠA s.r.o.

JÍŠA s.r.o. is the biggest BOSCH car service partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. JÍŠA s.r.o.’s service network covers almost all the district towns in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This provides the best possible synergy for the correct treatment of damaged vehicles and the subsequent retrieval of CDR data. JÍŠA s.r.o. provides the following services for the CDR project: a nonstop hotline for crashed vehicles – 24/7 wrecking service, authorized maintenance services for all brands of vehicles, and the correct provision of unit access with CDR data in the case of major damage to the vehicle.

CDR Certification

Our company provides the authorized certification training needed for the retrieval and interpreting of CDR data. This training is mandatory for aspirants interested in retrieving and processing of CDR data. Our company has exclusive rights to the training of CDR experts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

CDR Services

We will provide a readout of the CDR data from a crashed vehicle. We will also provide the correct elaboration of an expert report using the CDR data.

This complete service is available to you. Our company will provide the needed co-operation for data retrieval in the event of major damage to the vehicle.

This offer applies to expert witnesses, police investigators of a traffic accident, and private individuals who want to protect their rights using this modern technology.

Free of charge VIN number check

In the event of a traffic accident investigation or your vehicular accident we offer a VIN number check free-of-charge. By performing this check we will learn if your vehicle supports CDR data. Please contact us if you are interested.