CDR System


CRASH DATA RECOVERY SYSTEM – storage system for a vehicle’s dynamic data right before a traffic accident, during a traffic accident and right after it. This new standard for data storage during a traffic accident represents innovation in the world of automotive technology. This system has already been implemented in all cars on sale since 2013 in the USA and Canada. In Europe, legislative preparations are in progress. The crash data recovery system is also simply called a black box. The BOSCH Company is a leading manufacturer of security systems in the automotive industry, which accepted the norms of Act 49 CFR 563 USA and implemented them in the Airbag’s module as one of the first. The airbag module’s unit is the primary unit for the storage of crash data, which is subsequently gained and analyzed. The BOSCH Company, in co-operation with individual airbag module manufacturers, developed the CDR reading unit, enabling the EDR memory data of airbag modules from individual manufacturers to be culled and processed according to protocol. Data culled from an ACM unit can be further imported into other programs – e.g. the PC Crash traffic accident reconstruction program. These data and their subsequent processing significantly contribute to the impartial evaluation of an accident. This innovation offers the possibilities of traffic accident analyses to a new generation. Only the authorized partners of the BOSH Company are entitled to process these data and interpret them according to protocol. Our company is an exclusive partner of the IbB Engeneering GmbH Company, represented by Prof. Dr. Ing. Heinz Burg.